Colin Elliot

Colin Elliot is a Mercury-nominated producer, songwriter, arranger and programmer based in Sheffield with credits including Richard Hawley, Kylie Minogue, Jarvis Cocker, Paul Weller, Slow Club, Tony Christie, Magic Numbers, Texas and The Wedding Present amongst others. Probably best known for his work with Richard Hawley, Colin has been working with Hawley since he became a solo artist in 1999, co-producing, arranging and playing on all of his seven full length releases including the Mercury-nominated “Cole’s Corner”. In 2012, Colin was asked to co-produce, mix and arrange horns and strings for Kylie Minogue‘s orchestral album “The Abbey Road Sessions” – which has since received Gold Certification in the UK.

Recent Releases:
Richard Hawley – ‘Further’, 2019 (Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Instrumentalist)

Other artists/productions:
Jarvis Cocker, Paul Weller, Slow Club, Tony Christie, Magic Numbers, Texas, The Wedding Present, My Darling Clementine, Duane Eddy

Robin Downe

Robin Downe works as a freelance studio engineer, musician and producer, mainly from Yellow Arch and Tesla studios, Sheffield as well as his own home facility a.k.a. The House Of Constant Pop.

Recent releases

Marseilles – ‘The Krill In The Lobby Of The Whale’s Mouth’ EP, 2018 (Co. Producer, Engineer, Composer, Instrumentalist)

V V CODA – ‘Silent Waves’, 2017 (Producer, Engineer and Instrumentalist)

Rafiki Jazz – ‘Har Dam Sahara’, 2017 (Engineer, Mixing Engineer and Co-Producer)

Heath Common – ‘Heath Common’, 2017 ( part of the ‘Lincoln ’72s’/eng/instrumentalist/mix/master)

Other artists/productions:

The Macabees, Caroline Loeb, The Lovers, Florence and the Machine, Richard Hawley, Heath Common, Skrillex, Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere, Bertrand Belin, Mindfeel, Vice Versa, Combat Astronomy, Siiii, Starkins, John Lennon McCullagh, Hiem, The Talk, The Tivioli, Go Katz, The Lovers, Trans Global Underground, Repomen, Disorientalist, Go Sub, Perryferry K, Kalenda/’Ife’, Gat Decor

David Haynes

David takes inspiration from the minimal recording techniques of jazz and world music, and is passionate about creating natural, balanced recordings. He is a multi-instrumentalist and draws ideas from a wide variety of music, meaning he can help you ensure the sound you have in your head is translated into your recordings.

Recent Releases

The Disciples of Spess – ‘Yellow Arch’, 2019 (Engineer, Mixing)

The Life Aquatic Band – ‘From Russell, With Love”, 2018 (Co. Producer, Engineer)

Sam Salt – ‘After Dark’, 2018 (Co. Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Instrumentalist)

David Haynes – ‘Restless’, 2018 (Solo project)

Other artists/productions:

Milo’s Planes, Wylde Byrd Seed, ButterJunk, Searle Street Band, James Barkley, The Heartwood Choir, Bikini Bombs.

Theo Egginton

Working out of his personal studio within the walls of the award-winning Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield, Theo is rapidly establishing himself as a talented producer across all genres and styles. Specialising in artist development & vocal coaching, Theo brings more than just professional standard engineering to each session.

Recent Releases

FEARS – ‘Fears’, 2019 (Engineer, Mixing)

Idle Noise – ‘Everybody Gets Famous’, 2019 (Engineer, Mixing)

Other artists/productions:

The Crookes, Jordan Rhabjohnm, The Maribels, James, Shvpes, Openmicuk, Teenstar, BBC Sheffield, Jester, Kirsty Turner, Alfie., Tantz, King Caspisce, Warm Salmon, Whenyoung, Blank Parody, Safe In The Crossfire

Tom Wright

Tom A Wright is a Musician, Producer, Arranger and Engineer originally from Devon now based in Sheffield. Tom has worked with a number of award winning artists across a variety of genres since he started recording and performing original music around 2000. Recently, Tom has become know as a sought-after producer of folk and roots music having produced, engineered, written and performed with the likes of Martin Simpson, The Magpie Arc, Eliza Carthy, The Dovetail Trio, Nancy Kerr, Ashley Hutchings’ Morris On and The Albion Band.

Recent Releases:
Martin Simpson – ‘Rooted’, 2019 (Drums & Percussion)

Nancy Kerr & James Fagan – ‘An Evening With Nancy Kerr & James Fagan’, 2019 (Engineer, Producer, Mixing)

Danny Pedler | Greg Russell – ‘Field & Dyke’, 2019 (Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Instrumentalist)

Other artists/productions:
Richard Thompson, The Feeling, Darlingside, Reverend & The Makers, Steve Knightly / Show of Hands, Jim Moray, Richard Hawley and Martin Taylor

Insta: tom.a.wright.artist
Facebook: @TAWmusician