At the centre of our studio is a 39 channel Amek Angela mixing desk, monitored through dual Focal Twin6 and subwoofer, and a powerful Quadcore Mac Pro. We have a range of outboard preamps, equalisers and compressors including Universal Audio, TLA and Thermionic Culture units.

Outboard/ Hardware

Focal 3 Twin 6 Monitors & 8″ Focal Sub
Amek Angela 39 Channel Analogue Desk
Dual HD monitor setup
Thermionic Culture Earlybird Dual Pre
Calrec 6400 Dual Stereo
UA 1176 & UA 2-1176
Amek 9098 Dual Stereo
FMR Audio Really Nice Compressor
Roll Music Super Stereo
Elysia Mpressor
DbX 160xt
Thermionic Culture Pullet Passive EQ
2x TL Audio Valve EQ/Pre


Our microphone selection is always growing, and we now have a host of microphones from Neumann, AKG and Royer, to name a few.

Neumann U87i
Neumann KM184 Stereo Pair
Royer R121 Stereo Pair
2x Ev RE20
3x Sennheiser 421
2x Rode NT1
2x AKG C1000
4x SM57
1x Rode NT1 Black Edition
2x Rode NT5
& many more.


Mac Pro 32GB DDR3 RAM
Logic Pro X
Pro Tools 11
Waves Mercury Bundle
Abbey Road Chambers & Limiter
Eastwest Platinum Symphonic Orchestra
Many, many more plugins


Over the years we’ve collected some amazing instruments including incredible keyboard instruments, vintage drum kits and a great collection of guitar and bass amps.

Yamaha Oak Custom
Yamaha Stage Custom
Trace Elliot AH1100
Rhodes Vintage 88′ Stage Piano w/ Cab
Rhodes Vintage 76′ Stage Piano
Upright Piano
2x Original Roland JC120
Vintage Vox AC30 with modified circuitry
Korg CX-3
Yamaha DX7