At the centre of our studio is a 39 channel Amek Angela mixing desk, monitored through dual Focal Twin6 and subwoofer. Interfacing the desk with the computer are two Universal Audio Apollo x16s. We have a range of outboard preamps, equalisers and compressors including Universal Audio, TLA and Thermionic Culture units.

Focal 3 Twin 6 Monitors & 8″ Focal Sub
Mac Pro
2x Universal Audio Apollo x16 AD/DA Converters
Logic Pro X
Pro Tools 11
Abbey Road Chambers & Limiter
Eastwest Platinum Symphonic Orchestra
Many, many more plugins


Over the years we’ve collected some amazing instruments including incredible keyboard instruments, vintage drum kits and a great collection of guitar and bass amps.

Yamaha Oak Custom
Steinway Upright Piano
Trace Elliot AH1100
Rhodes Vintage 88′ Stage Piano w/ Cab
Rhodes Vintage 76′ Stage Piano
2x Original Roland JC120
Vintage Vox AC30 with modified circuitry
Korg CX-3