YA Presents #4: Wearing Velvet + Callum Innes + Alice Ede

Yellow Arch Presents is a monthly gig series running on the last Wednesday and Thursday of every month, starting in March. After the last two years we’ve all had, we want to give exciting, up-and-coming artists a platform to be heard, and create a scene for them – and the people that want to hear them. There are opportunities for live acts of any genre and style, we just love great music. Each event will be curated by genre to ensure acts compliment each other.

29th June: Wearing Velvet | Callum Innes | Alice Ede


Wearing Velvet

Wearing Velvet are an electronic pop duo consisting of cousins James O’Roarty and Rob Williamson. Originally founded near Scunthorpe, the pair are now located in Manchester where they write, record and produce all of their music. As a live act, Wearing Velvet are often joined by keys and synth player Gareth Jones who also performs backing vocals. The duo’s sound encompasses a range of their musical influences such as Aphex Twin, LCD Soundsystem, Broadcast, and Brian Wilson. Elements of these artists can be subtly heard throughout Velvet’s work, but this in no way distracts from the duo’s own distinct sound.


Callum Innes

When not writhing like a cat in a bag as the frontperson of Sheffield post punk band Naguals, Cal Innes is a reluctant solo artist with his own unique brand of slightly off-kilter but melodic freak-folk. Covering topics such as ant colonies, dead rabbits and girls who habitually fall out of trees his songs create a world of their own, at times softly crooned and at others yelped with maniacal conviction.


Alice Ede

Alice is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter with an ethereal quality, certainly not one to be missed

Tickets are £5 advance and more on the door

16+ with an adult


Yellow Arch Studios 30-36 Burton Rd
Sheffield S3 8BX
29th June 2022 - 7:30 pm
Yellow Arch Studios
16+ With Adult
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