Riskee and the Ridicule

Riskee and the Ridicule

South-east england grime-punk band Riskee & the Ridicule released their critically acclaimed album ‘Body Bag Your Scene’ in 2019. Described as “a bombshell of challenging themes” (kerrang!) And “a focused assault that hits you in the heart like a hammer” (Mass Movement) – the record was followed by the Kent group releasing a string of incendiary stand-alone singles. Riskee & the the Ridicule are set to continue their relentless attack in 2022 and beyond, both live on stage and with a brand new album.

“A sound that belongs entirely to them, Riskee & The Ridicule step beyond this on their new album…it’s emblematic of the feral potency at work on the full record.” – Clash

“Get on board now before they get huge, you can say you were part of something special.” – Three Songs And Out

“This is not like other albums…anger runs through this stunning 12 songs like blood… something about it you cannot – or should not – ignore.” – Maximum Volume Music

“This an album that 2019 desperately needs.” – Original Rock

“An album that needs to be heard.” – The Punk Site

“The album grabs you from the start and like a juggernaut, it will drive relentlessly, gathering pace as it takes you on a journey which will educate and hopefully inspire but ultimately invigorate.” – Punk4rt

Support from Bruise Control and The Mustard

Bruise Control

Sitting somewhere between 00’s indie and 80’s hardcore, Bruise Control have carved themselves an unlikely name in DIY punk, thanks to a handful of self-produced releases and a notoriety for chaotic live shows.

Initially formed in late 2018, the groups foundations were strong – separate veterans of the Manchester punk scene, the core trio of Jim Taylor, Devon Cryer and Tommy Victor Morris originally set out to create classic garage punk, influenced by the likes of Gøggs, Nancy and Dead Moon.

After the addition of guitarist Niall Griffin, the group utilised the unexpected free time granted by the COVID-19 pandemic to hone in on a new sound. Taking further cues from modern post punk acts (Pissed Jeans, Amyl and the Sniffers, Black Midi), the band bridges the gap between the traditional and the experimental, signified by the release of ‘Taxman’ in 2022 (no, not that Beatles song). After two years of writing, one year of gigs, two EP’s and a single, The band are currently in the midst of releasing their first full length LP, due out in 2023.

The Mustard

The Mustard is a vibrant quartet punk rock band hailing from the heart of Manchester, UK. Led by powerful female vocals, their music is an explosion of gritty guitar riffs, embellishing harmonies and unapologetic energy.

Through their thought-provoking lyrics, they delve into mental health struggles and the eternal quest to find one’s place in the world. Passion is at the core of The Mustard’s ethos, as they pour their hearts and souls into every note they play. Alongside their dedication, they never forget to have a blast along the way.

Breaking barriers and encouraging open discussions about personal struggles is a driving force behind The Mustard’s music. With a left-wing political tone, they proudly embrace feminism and stand firmly for equality and against fascism, discrimination and oppression.

Their upcoming EP, self-produced and recorded in the mining town of Leigh, captures the raw essence of their sound. It’s a testament to their unwavering spirit and the power of their live performances. Starting in 2022, The Mustard’s journey has already taken them to play in the Manchester Punk Festival 2023, leaving audiences in awe of their electrifying stage presence.

As they gear up for a thrilling UK tour in September 2023, followed by an exciting European tour planned for the autumn, The Mustard invites you to join their movement. Get ready to break free from constraints and find solace in their anthems.

This is punk rock with a purpose. This is The Mustard.


Yellow Arch Studios 30-36 Burton Rd
Sheffield S3 8BX
1st December 2023 - 7:30 pm
Yellow Arch Studios
16+, under 18's with an adult
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