Peach Fuzz Sheffield w/ Adam Curtain, Lukas Wigflex

Ay up Sheffield heads, we’re bringing a motley crew of Notts party starters to Yellow Arch Studios on the 28/02 and we need your help! Sergeant Slop ‘Lukas Wigflex’ will be accompanied by partner in crime and the brains behind Trouble Maker ‘Adam Curtain’ for an extended 4 hour b2b. The duo were behind the illustrious ‘Barnarellas’ smash up last summer, and they’re gaggin’ to bring their signature dutty midlands sound across the county line. Expect bait, tackle and plenty of scuz.

Adam Curtain (Trouble Maker)

Lukas Wigflex (Wigflex)

Peach Fuzz DJs

We’ve always felt a special connection between Notts and Sheff in terms of attitude when we’ve come across to parties. Our sound has been heavily shaped by Sheffield labels/producers too – from Warp and the pioneering ‘Forgemasters’ to more recent outputs on Seven Hills and CPU records. Anything goes music policy wise, but we’re forecasting face wrinkling zingers, mechanical grooves, 3:4 cross steppers and plenty of garage wubs. One thing you can guarantee is that you’ll be surrounded by a tribe of like-minds to get stuck in with.

Tickets starting at only £3 on RA – treat ur sen xxx

Zero tolerance to any racist, ableist, homo/transphobic + any other jerkish behaviour. Just don’t bother coming down if you identify with any of the above.

Artwork by Lawrence James English


Yellow Arch Studios 30-36 Burton Rd
Sheffield S3 8BX
28th February 2020 - 11:00 pm
Yellow Arch Studios