Mike Borgia

Mike Borgia live at Yellow Arch Studios

Support from Santiago Kings and Rich Brown

Saturday 24th February

Free entry, no ticket required

Mike Borgia

Mike Borgia is an Italian American singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist from New York. Best known for his dynamic 5 octave vocal range and unique melodic structures, floating in genres of blues, alternative rock and indie. With a large back catalogue of releases , Mike’s sound is a captivating example of musicianship that translates effortlessly into a mesmerizing and dynamic live experience.

Influenced by the likes of Chris Whitley, LedBelly, Howlin’ Wolf, Chris Cornell, Mike Borgia has crafted a signature style that has received high praise. His uniqueness stems from his history in post hardcore and metal and the discovery of what he is today. Defiant of labels or the desire to fit in is what adds to his appeal and stand out quality.

Mike Borgia is a remarkable talent in the fields of Rock, blues and alternative music and comes from the thriving music industry of New York, USA. Borgia has carved out a special place for himself in the industry with his alluring melodies and deeply felt lyrics.

Pop and indie charm are infused with an engaging sensibility in Borgia’s songs. He distinguishes himself from other musicians in the genre with his ability to adroitly combine memorable hooks with introspective narration. Borgia’s emotional vocals and passionate delivery, whether he’s singing ballads or exuberant choruses, never fail to leave listeners with a lasting impression.

Borgia’s sound is a welcome break from the norm, drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical genres. His talent for experimenting with various aural textures and adding unexpected musical elements gives his work an additional dimension of fascination. Borgia’s songs create a sound universe that is sonically pleasant and lyrically thought-provoking.

A true original in a world overrun with generic commercial music, Mike Borgia stands out. His talent and versatility are demonstrated by his ability to switch between genres with ease and produce music that connects with a broad audience. Fans eagerly anticipate what Borgia has in store for them next as he pushes the limits of music with each new release.


Santiago Kings 
A guitar-driven quintet, who have been part of Sheffield’s underground rock scene since 2012.
Never satisfied with just one genre, Santiago Kings have a wide influences, covering everything from metal, bluegrass, funk, classic rock, latin to blues
Never satisfied with just one genre, Santiago Kings have a wide influence, covering everything from metal, bluegrass, funk, classic rock, latin to blues.chttps://santiagokings.bandcamp.com/music

Rich Brown

Rich learned his craft by ear and cobbled his production methods together using duct tape and PVA glue. In the beginning, as a teenager he joined a few school bands, some good and some frightening.

Rich taught himself how to play guitar and played everything in OD at 140bpm for many years. A leg injury (bear/shark attack) forced his hand into trying an acoustic guitar full time.

Rich eventually developed a love of folk. It was always there but hidden. Leaning much more into traditional ‘pub’ folk. Watching the old boys in mysterious DADGAD tunings weave fucking magic between performer and audience.

Rich eventually left the bright lights of North East Derbyshire for Sheffield where he still lives, writes and performs.

He has honed his niche little DIY craft and is currently writing and producing new material. Armed with a USB condenser, years of amateur recording malpractice and an obsessionist mindset, Rich is a one man music machine on an uncompromising journey.



Yellow Arch Studios 30-36 Burton Rd
Sheffield S3 8BX
24th February 2024 - 7:30 pm
Yellow Arch Studios
16+, under 18s accompanied by an adult
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