Aziza Jaye

Defying the confines of a singular genre, Aziza Jaye dwells in the hills of Sheffield. The UK born Artist, Songwriter and Producer grew up as a ‘Sound system baby’, where she would often see her dad warming up for the night ahead. With music in her blood she willingly took up clarinet and joined an orchestra. After six years of playing, she discovered an unearthed passion for singing. With her new found talent she entered and won a local singing competition and music soon became her life. At 17 she attended Manchester Music College to study vocal artistry. This gave her the independence and a growing confidence to chase her musical ambitions. From college she went on to travel the UK and abroad performing to audiences far and wide, sharing a piece of herself with them in each moment and her original music is no different.

With influences stemming from her Jamaican roots in reggae, dancehall and lovers rock, to a love for rare Soul and Motown with an undeniable passion for Afrobeat, House and Drum and Bass, one can only imagine the soundscape of her mind. She coined the term ‘Genre – less’, to describe what we can only translate as true versatility and flexibility to musically shape shift, effortlessly.

Music is a feeling it helps us heal or reveal. Life experiences have always brought me back to music as a means of survival. Writing songs gives me a channel to express myself honestly through art. To then have the thought that someone, somewhere out there could relate and feel better is all the motivation I need to reveal my thoughts, my words and well… myself.

I often work with young people facing challenges in life and I lead with my personal journey to help them find theirs. Giving back is a huge part of my path and I look forward to developing this in the future, for those of the future.

2023 holds some delights for us watching Aziza Jaye’s story unfold, working with the likes of Mungos Hifi, Nubiyan Twist, K.O.G & Tom Excell her Debut EP will be one to watch!


Yellow Arch Studios 30-36 Burton Rd
Sheffield S3 8BX
19th May 2023 - 7:30 pm
Yellow Arch Studios
16+ with adult
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