We have worked with many decorated and talented musicians. Below are just a few well known names who have either recorded or rehearsed at Yellow Arch.
  • Richard Hawley

    Richard Hawley

  • James


  • Kylie Minogue

    Kylie Minogue

  • Sister Sledge

    Sister Sledge

  • Slow Club

    Slow Club

  • Duane Eddy

    Duane Eddy

  • Skrillex


  • Bring me the horizon

    Bring me the horizon

  • Texas


  • Arctic Monkeys

    Arctic Monkeys

  • My Darling Clementine

    My Darling Clementine

  • The Merrylees

    The Merrylees

  • Tom Hickox

    Tom Hickox

  • Cherry Ghost

    Cherry Ghost

  • Rafiki Jazz

    Rafiki Jazz

  • Reverend and The Makers

    Reverend and The Makers

  • Inherit the Stars

    Inherit the Stars