UDAGAN is a musical project created by Saydyy-Kuo Fedorova and Oscar South, based in Sheffield, UK, and inspired by the traditional music, culture, folklore, and shamanic heritage of the Republic of Sakha in North Siberia.
The project features the iconic instrument of Sakha culture, the Khomus, which forms the heart and soul of its sound. The duo is joined by percussionist John Thompson in live performances, creating a mesmerizing, shamanic sound that transports listeners to another world.

Supermarket Saint consist of the keyboardist Babak Mirsalari and Kevin Clark on drums, followed by the visual artist Nikta Mohammadi’s captivating techniques.
The founder, Babak Mirsalari, fuses Southern Iranian rhythm and melodies with electronic music with an unconventional approach to the piano, in which he mixes an upright piano with an analogue synthesiser and drum machines.
Supermarket Saint’s first album, titled ‘Leave to Remain’, incorporates live music and moving image work alongside spoken word and soundscapes. This project has been supported by Opera North and Help Musicians.


Yellow Arch Studios 30-36 Burton Rd
Sheffield S3 8BX
19th June 2023 - 7:00 pm
Yellow Arch Studios
16+ with adult