Yellow Arch has three bespoke rehearsal rooms, all high vaulted with oak beams ranging from 300 sq ft to 1000sq ft. ­All our equipment is industry standard and provided at a great price with multiple booking deals available.

We aim to provide high quality rehearsal spaces for artists, musicians and the performing arts. We believe there’s more to rehearsals than just a room and some gear, we take care to ensure we always provide what you need with knowledgeable staff to assist throughout your session. We also provide a unique ‘Room Service’ for drinks, snacks and alcoholic beverages and can be added to your bill at the end. With dedicated staff, a fully stocked cafe & bar on site and a relaxing chill out snug, bar lounges and secluded courtyard we hope we’ve created the ideal environment to rehearse, relax, eat and drink and enjoy your session to the max.

*images of rehearsal rooms below, the below images are placeholders

Included In The Room.

Huge high roofed rehearsal space
Room Service
Drum Shells
Bass Head & Cab
2x Guitar Amps
2x Mics w/ Stands & XLR’s (More Available)
PA System
Cosy seating
Heating & Fans
Free WiFi
Fully Stocked Bar & Cafe
Private Courtyard Space with Heating
Spaces to advertise
Fully stocked accessories store


Guitars, Bass Guitars & Keyboards
Tonnes of different stands
Jack Leads, Mini Jack & Aux cables
Rehearsal Recording Equipment
Enhanced PA or Sound System
Pro Amps & Drums
Music Stands
Extra Seating
Projector for A/V Testing
DJ Gear

Book With Us

For bookings and availability please phone our friendly studio team on:

0114 273 0800