Funzing Talks: Do You Have A Narcissist in Your Life? | Sheffield
Wednesday 7th November 

Tickets: £12


Vain, egotistic & self-obsessed, have you ever felt like someone in your life or perhaps even yourself shows these characteristics a little to often to ignore? Join Sam Vaknin, a narcissist and professor of psychology who dedicated his life to understanding and educating people on this personality disorder.

When I put up the first website on narcissism in 1997, no one heard of of the term. Today, everyone and his dog is an expert on narcissism. The amount of misinformation often disseminated by narcissists masquerading as professional victims is breathtaking.

What is pathological narcissism? Is it a mental health disorder – or an adaptation to our anomic, sick, and, yes, narcissistic civilization? Where is the demarcation between assertiveness, self-confidence, and self-esteem – and grandiose fantasies? Is leadership enhanced by narcissism – or diminished by it? Should we encourage our children to be more narcissistic? How are narcissists made? Is early childhood abuse in the family really the precursor or is the aetiology far more complex and involves an interplay with peers, role models, and the prevailing culture? I coined the phrase “narcissistic abuse” in 1995. But what does it mean in an age when narcissism is no longer a diagnosis but a pejorative? Are the victims somehow complicit in their own maltreatment? Is codependence just another form of pernicious malignant narcissism?

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