What’s on – January ’19


After an amazing run of 2018 we’ll be moving on into 2019 with some wicked events lined to up to blow your January blues away…

Tuesday 8th // 7:30pm
Funzing Talks: A Biologists Guide to Fitness & Veganism

The idea of not eating meat is nothing new – Pythagoras was an early advocate of a plant-based diet – but so many of us were brought up to believe that the maintenance of health and fitness can only be achieved on a diet based around animal protein. We now have incontrovertible evidence that this is entirely incorrect – indeed it is becoming clear that the healthiest of diets is a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. This means a diet based 100% on plants – and they should be consumed in a form that is as close as possible to how they were grown and harvested. It should include little, if any processed or refined products – for example, no added sugar or oil. In this talk, I will outline some of the evidence for this and look at some top athletes who live on a plant based diet.

Mick is an Oxford Biologist, who is now coming towards the end of a career in teaching. He has been vegan for several years. Prior to becoming 100% vegan, he had not eaten meat for nearly 40 years. His decision to remove all animal products from his life was as a result of reading ‘Eat and Run’ by Scott Jurek, a vegan and ultra marathon runner. Since then, Mick has found that he has been able to maintain a high level of fitness much of which he puts down to his Whole Food Plant based Diet.

Friday 18th // 10pm
DUB SHACK – Sinai Sound meets Firmly Rooted
£4 otd b4 midnight / £5 after

Sinai Sound System
Firmly Rooted Soundsystem
round 4 round clash style session 🥊

Sheffield’s #1 sound, the big green dub machine, SINAI SOUND SYSTEM meeting in a sound clash style with Bristol’s FIRMLY ROOTED SOUND SYSTEM. Expect the biggest dub, steppas & conscious sound system music played through two of finest heavyweight, custom built sounds in the UK!!

line up TBA
powered by FTF Sound System

Over the past two years we’ve been blessed to bring some of the finest dubwise sound systems, DJs & MCs to Yellow Arch. This session will be a celebration of dub in the steel city! Big up everyone who’s attended and bought the vibes over the past two years.

Peace & love, Dub Shack x

Wednesday 23rd // 6pm
Yellow Arch Cafe Sessions #11
Free entry

More info coming soon….

Saturday 26th // 11pm
DTD’s Biggest & Final Birthday Blowout!
£10 / 12

Its been a marathon of emotions… highs, lows, good times, bad times, anxiety, blood, sweat and grit, more late nights than most could handle and all the rest that can come with running an event consistently for 6 years. But as hard as it is for us to finally close the doors on something we have worked so hard on for so long..the time is right to move on…nothing lasts forever x

Winner announced Xmas day.

DTD has achieved more than we could have hoped for in 6 years with the brand and the last thing we want is to fizzle out in years to come..we want to move on to other things we are passionate about and more importantly …we want to go out with BANG!
So we ask you, our friends, our fellow ravers, party goers, Sheffield and wider family to come together with us..for one last time to see DuskTilDawn out in the biggest and best way possible.

With it being our last event, we had to go as BIG as possible.
We have 3 rooms of absolute carnage to unfold…
from Live Bands! D&B and Jungle Icons, Old-Skool Rave Pioneers, 3 heavy weight guest sound systems, our Toil soundsystem family from the amazing Beat Herder, all genres, Local hero’s, good friends and even hot food and of course at the best venue for such an occasion in the whole of South Yorkshire..Yellow Arch Studios!


LIVE ROOM: Hosted by Toil

★★★ Mark Archer (Altern8) ★★★
Fresh off his year long ‘Man Behind The Mask’ tour we welcome one half of the legendary Altern8 & certified Old-skool rave pioneer, Mark Archer to come and grace Yellow Arch with his 30 years of rave supremacy!

★★★ Grinny Grandad [LIVE] ★★★
Electro-funk collective and 8-piece live band, bringing you spotless production, soulful vocals and more talented musicians than you could shake a stick at. Grinny have been one of our favourite festival bands for as long as we can remember and we are delighted they can come make our final party something truly special.

★★★ Stig of the Dub [LIVE] ★★★
Fusing classic reggae, dub, ska, dancehall, breaks, and world music we present to you Stig Of The Dub. West Yorkshire party collective that have been taking their vibrations right across the UK for the past two years. Wev caught these at many a festival and can truly say your in for a reyt treat x

★★★ Tim Toil ★★★
Toil founder, Beat Herder Resident and all round tall fella, we have been lucky to party with Tim and the Toil crew at each and every Birthday (bar one) and the main reason for that is..Toil knows how to throw THE BEST PARTYS…and provides ‘Strictly Belters” Hes also hands down..the sickest House DJ we know.

★★★ The House Outfit [live]
Something you will LOVE….
Live house music band featuring Key_Lo (DJ), Sam Bolt (Live synth / keys) and Laurie Jones (Percussion).

★★Simitu Music★★
The Bad boys of Clithero come to share their masterclass in beats and bass.

★★Dave Heaton★
Toil, Blend & Beatherder resident and boy wonder ar Dave brings the breakbeat bukkake to every big bad soundsystem he encounters.

★★DTD RESIDENTS WheresNorth? & Tremo ★★

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★★★Ed Solo b2b Deekline (2 hour set) ★★★★
Wev had these two massive legends consistently smash our events for a good 5 years now..both have brought only the best vibes and crowds so it only felt right we bow out with our two biggest pals in the jungle/d&b world. This is gonna be emotional.

★★★ Hybrid Theory ft Vader (Four40 Records) ★★★
The big boys from Brum are back to show Sheffield what its all about! Owners of Four40records which is credited for helping to push through artists like Tom Shorterz, Chris Lorenzo, Billy Kenny, Pete Graham and Jamie George to name a few, not to mention Hybrid Theory’s strong early showing of their abilities. Hybrids own output has seen huge releases and guest mixes played on BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra & Rinse FM.Wev always had a wicked time when we have had these lads across so get ready for some vibes.

★★★ Fish b2b Lucent ★★★
Between them their releases can be found on BINGO
RKS, Formula, Tumble Audio, Cocobolo Sound, Fourthreesix, Saucy Records, Hot N Heavy, Bear Fresh, Low Pitched, The Sound of Everything, In:fluX Audio & Hot Cakes Bass…


★★★ Dr Cryptic ★★★
Our boy Crippy back to play some Steel city certified bad man sounds! Owner of Sheffield’s infamous Chip Butty Records and the man behind daft remixes of the likes of The Antique roadmanshow. We is blessed to have him at this event x

★★ Junglist Alliance ★★
We couldnt be more happy than to have Steel city junglist veterans and good friends of DTD Tim and Alex smash one of their unique dubplate rammed sets x

★★ Autograff ★★★★
LSS resident and Steel city legend Autograff knows how to get them fruity flavas just right.

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★★★Samurai Breaks★★★
Literally as we make this announcement this young bad man is actually playin his debut mix on Rinse FM…yes lad.
Expect the gulliest beats only.

★★ Akid b2b Displace DnB ★★
Well ofcourse…

★★ Shut Up Dave b2b Selecta Burnside ★★
Operators and Selectas for the mighty White Noise Sound Enforcement.

★★ RiteTrax Crew ★★
Our Sheffield family from the Plot 22 who bring you big nights such as The Wub Club x

★★ Benny Strafford b2b Ryan Hartley ★★
Inventor of the term ‘Strictly Belters’, Beat Herder and Toil favourite Ryan Hartley brings them belters head on with our very own handsome House expert Benny Strafford.

★★ Kai ★
Rave & Raise resident and up and comer Connor Mckay gets his first and last DTD set. Bringing them heavy weight Drums and Basses.

Powered by DEM AUDIO UK

++Hot Food and loads of wicked decor..

If tickets sell well as they should we may even open an hour early!

Thursday 31st // 8pm
TBR Phase 3
Free entry / £3

More info coming soon….