What’s on – December ’18


This month we have a whole load of events coming up to warm your cockles in the lead up to Christmas and New Year including a big BANG of an NYE lineup! Check out all our events below…


Saturday 1st // 6pm
White Room Gallery 001: Sense of Place
Free entry

Over the last two years the Yellow Arch team have beavering & toiling away, creating our brand new ‘Creative space’ in a 19th century warehouse complex, complete with high ceilings & vast skylit walls, this once industrious space has now been repurposed into our very own performance and exhibition space for the whole Sheffield community – To celebrate we have teamed up with curator Bridget Murray and a whole host of local artists to create a very special exhibition of some of Sheffield’s finest contemporary artists

White Room Gallery 001 // Sense of place
An exhibition of contemporary art exploring relationships with place, spaces and the environment

In the wake of serious warnings from the latest UN report on climate change, Sense of Place brings together a collection of artworks responding to the theme of place, spaces and the outdoor world. The works consider, examine or reflect upon this subject matter, ranging from modern day relationships with the natural world to the political uncertainties we are facing across the globe, manifesting in the continual displacement of people through warfare and environmental disasters.

Saturday 1st // 8pm
Yellow Arch Winter Warmer
Free entry

Starting December off with a bang we’ll be throwing a big party at Yellow Arch full of wholesome winter festivities and a lot of merry frolicking. Warm your cockles by our big bonfire with hot food, mulled wine & cider in the courtyard. In the main venue we’ll have DJs throwing down some funky, disco, dub, reggae, world & house tunes guaranteed to knock your woolly socks off.

Tuesday 4th // 7:30pm
Funzing Talks: How to Remove Negative Memories

Is a real life Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind actually possible? Can you really erase your past to have a better present and future? Can you go as far as altering your identity by changing your memories?

If we are the sum total of our experiences then our memory defines us. What if we were able to change or even remove our past memories, what impact would that have on our present state of mind? Can we really move on before we deal with past? Most people ruminate on the past, but this doesn’t help. There are far more effective ways of dealing with this now.

In this highly interactive talk you will learn how you can change your negative past experiences and clear your mind. You will learn several different techniques that you will get to try out and experience change right then and there. You will also be given all the notes so you can do it afterwards at home too.

This is a potentially life changing talk where you will learn and experience cutting edge therapy techniques. Please be aware that you do not need to talk about the memories in order to work on them.

In this talk you will learn:
· What different types of memories we have
· How we form belief systems
· How our brain misleads us
· The role of the left and right brain hemispheres
· How memories are structured and how you can change them
· How to break free of ruminating memories
· How to use IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) to remove negative memories

Not only is this talk educational and practical, it is also fun. Matt is a highly experienced public speaker and he will ensure you have a night to remember (or forget once you learn the techniques).
Matt Kendall is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, advanced IEMT practitioner and approved trainer of IEMT. Where most therapy is considered to be “talking or understanding”, Matt takes a very different approach. Instead of talking about the problems he works with his clients to eliminate the troublesome memories that are causing anxiety, depression and other issues in the present. By fusing together different NLP, hypnotherapy and IEMT techniques he is able to help people get mental space and clarity.
Matt has extensive experience working with anxiety related issues, focusing heavily on social anxiety and confidence. Working at both male and female dating skills companies, Matt had thousands of hours of experience in helping people to really transform their lives by helping people let go of their past.
Read some of the extensive feedback about Matt and this talk. Matt is on a mission to teach this material to as many people as possible and he knows just how powerful the techniques are.

Wednesday 5th // 6pm
Yellow Arch Cafe Sessions #10
Free entry

After a trip to the venue last time the Cafe Sessions are returning back to the Yellow Arch Cafe for a festive jam of local alternative and musical mastermind talent. Come, escape from the chilly outside and get cosy by the candlelight 🕯️🎸

Jamie Heawood – After an electrifying performance at The Back Room opening night Jamie Heawood is back at Yellow Arch with a set of original material providing the café sessions with moving jazz-soul vibes.

Nicholas Gee – One third of new Sheffield band Marseilles, Nick will be debuting his first solo set of improvised guitar soundscaping. Creating cavernous ambience with a plethora of effects, with the aim to take you as far out and away from the café as possible.

Brad Mack Music – Having just returned from a two-week European tour, Brad Mack, originally hailing from Leeds, will be landing at the Café Sessions. Brad’s music has taken influence from indie rock bands like Kings of Leon, Passenger and Arctic Monkeys and developed into his own individual style of strong vocals, powerful guitar and clever lyrics.

Thursday 6th // 9pm
Moonrise X Pretty Pretty Good
£2 / 4

Moonrise is back, and this time we’ve moved the party to Yellow Arch Studios and invited our good friends Pretty Pretty Good to collaborate with us!

PPG have been supporting Moonrise since we started back in in 2016, so it felt only natural to invite them on board fully this time and to ask them to help us curate our first larger fundraiser together…

Expect an eclectic mix of electronic, latin, afrobeat and globally-inspired rhythms, along with the usual Moonrise funk and disco classics from the following wonderful DJs…

Román Rocha (La Rumba)
The Empress (Mango Disco)
Colecta (UK Mondo Radio)
Kudan & Stevie Cox (Pretty Pretty Good)

Sheffield University Samba Band will be performing live in the courtyard

As always, all profits will go to Irise who do some really incredible work with women and girls in the UK and East Africa. Find out more about the charity here: www.irise.org.uk

Just £5 helps Irise to reach a girl and help provide her with the means to manage her period safely and hygienically, ensuring she doesn’t miss out on school – an essential step in breaking the cycle of poverty!

Artwork by the wonderful BettyDesigns

Friday 7th // 7:30pm
Bison + I Set The Sea On Fire / Captain Hotknives / Jono
£6 / 8 / 9 / 10

Gambit Sheffield & Yellow Arch Studios are proud (although quite upset!) to bring you… Bison’s LAST EVER GIG!!! 😮

Yep, you heard us right! After 14 full, fruitful and foot-stomping years the Bison Clan have decided to hang up their horns and call it a day 🐃🎷

So we’re giving them the best send off possible by throwing a carnival extravaganza with some of the most fantastic live music Sheffield has to offer 🎶 💥 🙌

Support will be provided by…

I Set The Sea On Fire 👁🌊🔥
Purveyors of the finest alternative funk rock this side of the solar system, ISTSOF have a passionate (and slightly insane) approach to all of their musical endeavours! Their rise to prominence on the Sheffield music map has seen them gather a dedicated and devout following and when you see them, you’ll surely join their ranks too. Expect wild costumes, frenetic energy & a heavy dose of musical genius. The perfect warm up to the riotous Bison roadshow!

captain hotknives 🐦👑😂
We’re thrilled to welcome some real Yorkshire musical comedy royalty on the bill for this event! The Bradford Bard will be singing songs and telling stories about fleecing old ladies, solvent abuse, being told to shoplift by birds and being severely unimpressed with railway cuisine…this gent has to be seen to be believed! With years of experience in bringing audiences to tears (of laughter!), The Captain is at the helm and a riotous night is guaranteed!


Well, where to begin! One of the first artists announced as joining the Gambit Sheffield fraternity and with good reason. Owner of the finest trousers, best beard, warmest smile and catchiest chorus hooks in Sheffield. Jono is awash with gig offers and has fast made a name for himself as one of the most highly respected solo acoustic performers in the city. Those who know about Jono, KNOW ABOUT JONO. His EP, “A Celebration” launched in September to a rapturous and receptive audience at Edison’s and has been played and played again on car stereos, Spotify channels and headphones ever since. This boi is going to go far!

After the live shenanigans have ended, you will be treated to TWO WHOLE ROOMS OF DJ’s from some of the UK’s finest collectives, featuring live percussion from some of Sheffield’s finest rhythmic fingers ❤️

Expect funk, soul, dancehall, soca, afrobeats, breaks, tropical bass & more for your listening and dancing pleasure… 💃

We are also welcoming some fantastic local traders in the shape of Les Bijoux d’Aimee (& more tbc) and the delectable food will be provided by the delightfully delicious Caribbean Fusion for those tasty jerk flavours & Just Falafs for the irresistible vegan treats! 🍴

We will also be bringing you some wonderfully wacky extras in the form of LIVE FIRE SPINNING & LASER POI PERFORMANCES, a mobile barber & a masseur amongst other peculiarities!!! 👀

All photo and video content from the evening will be provided by the wildly talented (and heartwarmingly lovely) CXG Media 📸

We’d also like to thank our good friends at Live Core Events for providing the equipment for the DJ rigs in the second room! 🔊

We look forward to partying with you, make sure to come along and give these standout stalwarts of the Sheffield scene the spectacular send-off they deserve!

Sunday 9th // 7:30pm
Frogbelly & Symphony / RAD Orchestra / Jeffrey Martin
£10 / 12

Doors: 7:30pm, £12
!!! Ticket pre-sales at a reduced rate of £10 exclusively at Café #9 !!!

Half local, half Brooklyn(NY) based FROGBELLY AND SYMPHONY , London based RAD ORCHESTRA and JEFFREY MARTIN from Portland(OR) present and eclectic evening of music!

Frogbelly and Symphony: Catchy melodies, multi‐part vocals, urban poetry and classic lyrics are accompanied by violin,
piano, guitar, bass and drums. The band covers a wide dynamic range from rough‐edged punk rock to acoustic music and folky tunes. Over the years their trademark has become an eclectic show of stage drama and interaction.
The band re‐appropriates and rearranges traditional material from the Irish, English and American folk repertoires. The transformations and compositions result in accessible and
contemporary pop songs.

Rad Orchestra is an acoustic/electric band from London. Their music is at the crossroads of Pop, Folk, Funk, Classical, Desert Blues and Soul‐a hypnotic live experience that makes everyone dance and listen up.The band’s trademarks are multi‐part vocal, ngoni (banjo‐like instrument from Mali), violins, viola, acoustic/electric guitars, mandolin, electric bass and percussion.

Jeffrey Martin tours full time. He is always making music, and he is always coming through your town. He misses teaching like you might miss a good old friend who you know you’ll meet again.
Jeffrey has put out bunches of music since 2009, but he’s most proud of the more recent stuff. He’s fortunate to be a part of the great and loving family that is Fluff and Gravy Records in Portland, OR. “One Go Around,” due out in October 2017, will be his 3rd full length album. At his luckiest, he’s shared shows with the likes of Sean Hayes, Gregory Alan Isakov, Jeffrey Foucault, Joe Pug, Peter Mulvey, Amanda Shires, Tracy Grammer, David Wilcox, and others.

Monday 10th // 7:30pm
Funzing Talks: How to Profile a Serial Killer

The twisted mind and motives of serial killers like Jack the Ripper is of enduring fascination to the general public as well as professional psychologists. Often they are driven by an escalating need to play out sadistic sexual fantasies, in which the suffering of their victim is a central component. Dr Wilson applies his experience as a criminal psychologist to an analysis of what profiling can achieve and where it can go wrong.
Despite fictional investigators like Cracker, who bring uncanny intuition and artful interrogation to extract confessions, the work of modern profilers uses cold science and previous research findings about types of killers and crime scenes to focus the search for the perpetrator. It is a logical approach, with nothing mystic or “psychic” about it.

Dr. Glenn Wilson has experience in forensic psychology spanning many years and has been involved in many high profile cases, such as helping to convict the Brighton Strangler and Fred West’s wife Rosemary, and the acquittal of Colin Stagg (who was wrongly charged for the Wimbledon Common murder).

Dr. Wilson has also been a scientific advisor and expert commentator for several TV series, such as Vic Reeves Investigates, Jack the Ripper (ITV), Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer (Investigation Discovery) and Stalkers Who Kill (CBS Reality).

Tuesday 11th // 7:30pm
Funzing Talks: The Neuroscience of Love

Love’s been around a long time. As an evolutionary anthropologist Dr. Anna Machin is fascinated by what makes us fall in love and what keeps us there. In this talk she will use the results of cutting edge research in the fields of neuroscience, genetics, evolutionary theory and psychology to explain what happens in our brains when we fall in love and how this affects how we feel and behave when we are in love.

Why do we need love in our lives? How can love be a source of such intense euphoria but at the same time be so incredibly painful? Why are some people better at staying in relationships than others? And is it really the case that love is addictive?

She will explain how a wonderful cocktail of chemicals motivates us to form relationships, how a complex mix of our genetics and psychology combine to influence how we feel when we are in love and what all this new scientific knowledge means for the way we will love in the future.

Dr. Anna Machin is an evolutionary anthropologist, writer and broadcaster. She is fascinated by the science behind close human relationships; those between lovers, friends, parents and children. She is a visiting academic at the University of Oxford where she researches human social behavior and is a regular contributor to TV, radio and print including two seasons of “Married at First Sight” (Channel 4) and the upcoming series “Meet the Humans” (BBC Earth).

Thursday 13th // 7pm
The Daily Grind Blues & Soul Revue Christmas Special

Get away from your daily grind and celebrate Christmas with Sheffield’s newest blues and soul revue!
Featuring the Daily Grind House Band and specially invited guests playing blues, soul, R’n’B, Funk, Jazz and Rock n Roll all night long, The Daily Grind Blues & Soul Revue promises to provide an uplifting antidote to the work and the weather.

Our Chrismas special will feature some of our favourite guests from the last 12 months singing and playing some festive favourites, more obscure yuletide tracks and some classics and DG favourites to boot! It’s our longest setlist yet with around 30 tunes!

Ash Gray
Sheffield’s own Texan troubadour!
Born in Pittsburgh, Raised in Austin, Settled in Sheffield, Ash cut his musical teeth on Austin’s vibrant East Sixth Street, South Lamar and beyond, playing for tips in roots-rock bands like Roosterbilly and The Self-Righteous Brothers.
Eventually moving to his Parent’s native Yorkshire, Ash decided to rediscover his roots, eventually setting up base in Sheffield. Falling in with the Steel City’s own acoustic and Americana scene and, with his band The Burners, He’s been a mainstay of the City’s scene ever since.

Amy Kakoura
Amy is an artist caught between worlds. Half Greek, folk-raised, classically schooled, theatre-trained and baptised into jazz ‘n’ blues, she is becoming known for the unique skill she brings to a wide variety of music and creative arts.

Gina Walters
(Before BreakfastScreaming Maldini)
Gina is one of Sheffield’s most diversley accomplished vocalists with over ten years of gigging and teaching under her belt already. Her impressive and diverse approach to Pop and Jazz singing has seen her take the stage around the globe which she has shared with a wide range of well known acts!

Manny Grimsley
(The Balkan BanditsThe Demon BarbersThe Black Hares)
Manny is the charismatic and dynamic tour-de-force that lends energy to any stage he enters. Steeped in Sheffield’s Folk singing traditions, Manny is the wildcard in any great musical situation who’s equally at home singing musicals, in the cathedral choir or in the pub singing traditional folk songs and Sheffield’s unique carol songs.

We’ll also be joined by Harmonica player Rich Chappell and Sheffield Blues/Jazz stolward, Steve Black.

Friday 14th // 10pm
Dub Shack meets Hold Tight Records
£4 / 5

Yes people… after some seeeeriously big vibes at Dub Shack this year, we’re ending 2018 with a BANG!! For this one we’re inviting up our friends from Hold Tight Records for a one room, crew meets crew session. This one’s a celebration – this one’s a party!! Lets get merry and bring that winter heatwave 🔥🔥🔥

Dub Shack meets Hold Tight Records
powered by full Chief Pukka Soundsystem
w/ Cat on Sax jammin’ liiiive in da place 🎷

feat. selectas –
🔸 Dutchie (Hold Tight/Revinyl Sessions)
🔸 Ickle (Hold Tight)
🔸 Charla Green (Dub Shack/UK Jungle)
🔸 Drift Continental (Hold Tight/Revinyl Sessions)
🔸 Supplya (Hold Tight/Firmly Rooted Soundsystem)
🔸 Captain Simma (Dub Shack)
🔸 Chief Will & George Pukka (Dub Shack/Chief Pukka)
& special guests

Hold Tight Records is a Bristol-based Dub, Steppers, Dubwise, Rub-A-Dubstep & Rootstep record label / collective aimed at bringing positive vibrations to the masses. Find out more here – https://holdtightrecords.bandcamp.com/

Friday 21st // 8pm
Yellow Arch Mad Friday Christmas Party w/ The Destroyers
£10 / 12

The date is Friday 21st December 2018, a snowstorm has blazed through Sheffield leaving destruction and chaos in its path but FEAR NOT, The Destroyers are here with their snow plough digging beast to clear a path to Yellow Arch Studios for a night of bizarre musical madness.

After absolutely destroying the stage, the dance floor and everybody’s minds at the beginning of this year, The Destroyers have nestled their way firmly into our list of favourite ever live bands to have performed at Yellow Arch so, we’ve got this rowdy bunch back again to bring joy, merriness and Christmas cheer to one and all this December.

Expect an explosion of gypsy, Balkan, brass, big-band madness in the shape of 12 outrageous musical merrymakers joined together in an anarchic orchestra of blazing passion and breathtaking originality.

The almighty DJs of Mango Disco will be joining the Destroyers on our Christmas list, best known for their intergalactic parties featuring global rhythms, tropical, new jazz and rare hip-shakers the Mango Disco DJs are set to provide the night with enough grooviness to make Santa Claus come down our chimney 3 days early.

Whether you’re a long time Destroyer or this is your first shin-digger, get down to Yellow Arch suited and booted in your best Christmas hat and let’s dance the longest night of the year away!!!!