Marconi Union Live Transmission
Sunday 16th June 

Tickets: £8.50 / 10.50


Almost three years after the release of their last album, Ghost Stations, Marconi Union will this year be performing new material at venues across England. Building on the success of last years shows in London and Bristol, the band turn back North for their initial 2019 appearances with their first ever shows in the historic cities of Leeds and Sheffield.
The trio’s live performances blend elements of electronica, jazz, dub and ambience, resulting in an emotional and sometimes dreamlike experience. The band perform to a backdrop of subtly emotive films, in the form of split-screen projections created by emerging Manchester arts collective, DOTCA.
“Minimal, introspective, ethereal electronica – gorgeous” – The Guardian.
“Exquisite, subtle soundscapes, an essential purchase for ambient addicts” – DJ Mag
“Finding beauty in the bleakest of places” – Independent.

Bing Satellites is a prolific musician currently based in Manchester. His music is described as “urban ambient”: slow, drifting, largely beatless soundscapes molded by city life. Each performance starts as a blank canvas and is improvised live.
More info:
Antonymes is composer, and conceptualist Ian M. Hazeldine, making music and film at the edge of, deep inside and from above North Wales. Antonymes music is at the same time something very firmly definite and a ghostly impression, a careful reduction, a fragile, phantom recollection and rearrangement of the direction and redirection.
“A terrific instinct for timing and spaciousness and a taste for the kind of chamber music tone that creates a sense of gravity” – Pop Matters
“Both abstract and melodic but always with a hint of melancholy” – Headphone Commute
“Exceptionally beautiful”  – Mary Anne Hobbs

Thanks to DJ Andy Pye from Balearic Social for venue ambient vibes