La Rumba’s End of Year Party (50 Free Tickets Available)
Saturday 7th November  

Tickets: £1/ £3/ £4


To round off what’s been the craziest year for us, hosting the likes of; Auntie Flo, Bellaire, CAIN, Crazy P, DJ Boring, Esa, Fortythree, KOG & The Zongo Brigade, Mehmet Aslan, Melé, Mungo’s Hifi, O’Flynn and Romare; playing as far as the French alps, Madrid, Glasgow & at the first We Out Here Festival, we’re hosting an end of year party at Yellow Arch Studios. We’re also making the first 50 tickets FREE to those who claim a ticket online as an early Christmas prezzie.

As our residents’ nights usually go, expect anything and everything from House, Disco, Techno, Electronic, Afro, Tribal, Samba, Soca, Percussive, Breaks, Bass, UK Dance, Jazz, Latin, Funk, Soul, wubs, dubs, ups, down and lots of left turns, genre-flips and tempo resets throughout the night.

La Rumba (All Night Long)
+ one or two familiar faces to join along the way