Rotation #002
Wednesday 13th November  

Tickets: Free Entry

rotation –
1. the action of rotating about an axis or centre.
2. the passing of a privilege or responsibility to each member of a group in a regularly recurring order.

The second edition of Rotation takes to our café bar, inviting three local selectors to dig deep for a midweek evening knees up.

Rare cuts and powerful dance-floor hits with the silkiest of blends to create a smooth and delightful product which never fails to please from Fortythree‘s Loups.

Reverse Jacket::Dandy Dulcets
Dig out the shell suits and zip ‘em up from behind and expect anything from funk to electro from Dandy Dulcets regular Reverse Jacket.

Free party shakers and movers from Scunthorpe’s finest wheeler, dealer and Transit van specialist, Tom Jacklin.