Jacob Garchik Trombone Choir and Quintet
Sunday 17th March 

Tickets: £8 / 10 / 12

A unique gig bringing together the music of phenomenal NYC trombonist Jacob Garchik with UK-based musicians in TWO vibrant and exciting bands. Jacob’s stunning 2012 album ‘The Heavens’ brought together a line up trombones, tuba and drums to form a trombone choir playing gospel songs. Fellow trombonist Richard Foote (The Young Pilgrims) has always loved that album, and the result is an utterly wonderful collaboration, sure to be one of the year’s highlights, and a blast of high energy virtuosity that feels like it HAD to happen. With a 7 trombone line-up of Richard, Jacob, Kieran McLeod Tom Dunnett, Micheal Owers, Nichol Thompson, Robbie Harvey, plus Oren Marshall (tuba), Andrew Bain drums. To ease you into things, Jacob will kick off the gig with a quintet featuring himself and Richard, with Andrew Woodhead (keys), Olie Brice (bass) and Andrew Bain (drums).

Run by musicians on a voluntary, not for profit basis, the nights are funded entirely through ticket sales for the gigs, and our legendary raffle!

Advance tickets are available for all Jazz at the Lescar gigs from Porter Brook Gallery (Sheffield Music Shop), Hickmott Road, (open 10am – 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday). Alternatively you can contact Jez Matthews for reservations at lescarjazz@gmail.com.