Dopamine Disco // Yellow Arch, Sheffield
Saturday 27th July 

Tickets: £3 / 4


Diagnosed aged 43 with Parkinson’s disease (PD) Simon James Brown discovered an incredible relief from the tremors, muscle stiffness and depression attributed to the disease through music and dancing. Anxiety, depression, stress and having trouble sleeping are all symptoms of PD – but this also affects 1 in 4 people across the population.

Good music & dancing makes sufferers feel better – it has been scientifically proven to generate dopamine!

….Fast forward to 2019 Simon contacted Yellow Arch Studios with a view to developing these sounds and formulating a way to bring this ‘healing’ to the masses….. Dopamine Disco was born.

After years of exploring sounds and making music as a means to alleviate the symptoms of PD, Simon – in collaboration with Yellow Arch Studios and Dr John O Connell – are to launch our first ‘Dance’ open to all, starting in the afternoon expect to see smiles, dancing and good vibes.

Not only is the aim to bring together & connect people of the Sheffield community but also to try and evidence this as a professionally recognised way of giving relief to the suffering of many. And hopefully, one day to use this method in a formulated ‘healing prescription’ rolled out throughout the UK and beyond as a ‘social prescribed’ method of symptom relief and maybe more….

Open to all, a few quid, and finishes early enough to get back home to the kids, dinner and time for bed! Come join one and all and experience a unique and maybe life changing experience at Yellow Arch, Saturday 27th July, 4:20pm start.

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