4-For-1 Shorts
Sunday 11th August 

Tickets: Free entry


Join three upcoming production companies for a showcase of esoteric travel documentary and experimental crime drama.

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This is an free event. Booking is advised as spaces are limited. There will be an interval and bar. The venue has step-free access.

Puzzleglass, Chin Stroke TV and Beangoose Productions are coming to Yellow Arch Studios to screen a selection of their latest short films. Expect stories of a kidnapping gone wrong, a music festival born from the migration crisis, a Darude-powered sandstorm detector and a Derbyshire man’s bleeding nipples.

Project Sandstorm (Chin Stroke TV / Beangoose Productions)

Documentary film-maker and explorer Alex Noble follows the Chin Stroke R&D team on a mission install a sandstorm detector in the Gobi Desert. Prepare for a hard-hitting exposition of threat posed by desertification, the human flaws that underpin Western scientific “philanthropy” and the place of Darude’s Sandstorm in a dynamic culture of environmental activism.

Dave Goes West (Puzzleglass)

Dave Goes West is a irreverent adventure documentary following a tubby man from Derbyshire attempting to run 10 marathons in 10 days up the West coast of Ireland. Along the way he will battle bleeding nipples, mental and physical exhaustion and make friends with a three legged goat. A film about not thinking too much.

The Yellow Days (Puzzleglass)

The Yellow Days is a documentary about an experimental music festival on the Greek Island of Leros which aimed to promote integration between the Greeks and the refugee community. It follows a series of different characters over the course of two weeks in the build up to the festival and is a celebration of humanity, solidarity and music.

Porcupine (Beangoose Productions)

A surreal and comedic journey into a kidnapping gone wrong, and two brothers who find a window to a parallel universe. Porcupine is a short surreal narrative using non-actors playing exaggerated caricatures of themselves that takes the viewer into a magical realist interpretation of the decay and madness under the surface of East Kent, England.


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