Techie Corner

Main Venue Spec

Mixing Console (FOH)

Allen & Heath Qu-24 Channel Digital Desk (*User manual available upon request)

Remote Ipad running Qu-24 software

Sound Systems

1. DB Technologies

6 x DVA T4 Line Array (active)

4 x DB Technologies DVA S20DP 18” Subwoofers (active)

2. FTF Dub system

2 x Subs

2 x Kicks

2 x Ribbon Horns

Processing – Ashley Protea 4.8SP

Amplification – Lab.GRUPPEN FP 6000Q / FP14000

2 x S-155 horn loaded subwoofers

38hz – 90hz -3db points

100db sensitivity, 1w @ 1m

Peak output 132db (138db in a pair)

1.5kw RMS power handling per box

2 x B-12 mid bass units

75hz – 350hz -3db points

107db sensitivity, 1w @ 1m

Peak output 130db (136db in a pair)

300w RMS power handling

2 x MH-8 mid tops

110hz – 40khz -3db points

101db sensitivity, 1w @ 1m

Peak output 125db (131 db in a pair)

290w RMS power handling per box


5 x DB Technologies DBX D15 Monitor Wedges

1 x Drum Sub and Top

(Monitored via FOH QU24)

Microphones (basic set-up) with Stands

1 x Shure Beta 52

1 x Shure Beta 56

1 x Shure Beta 57

2 x SM57's

3 x Electro Voice PL35

2 x Rode NT5

2 x Sennheiser E606/609

2 x Shure SM58

4 x Sennheiser E835

6 x DI Boxes

DJ Equipment

2 x Pioneer CDJ 2000

2 x Technics 1210 MKII's

1 x Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer

1 x NovoPro CDJ WS1 workstation console

2 x DJ Tables - Length 2.4m / Width 750mm / Height 1m

Back-line (*available upon request)

Yamaha Oak Custom - Drum Kit

Roland Jazz Chorus - Guitar Amp

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe - Guitar Amp

Trace Elliot - Bass Amps

Fender Rhodes 73

Fender Rhodes Stage 88

Yamaha P-150 Weighted Keyboard

Korg CX3 Organ


Yamaha U3 - Upright

Kemble - Upright

Rogers - Baby Grand

Stage Dimensions & Power Provision

Width: 5.5m (18ft)

Depth: 3.5 m (12ft)

Ceiling Height 3.5m (13ft)

Stage Extensions x 6 (2.4m x 1m each)

13 Amp Lighting Ring - 16 x feeds

13 Amp Backline Ring - 16 x feeds

13 Amp Audio Ring - 16 x feeds

16 Amp C-Form - 1 x feed

32 Amp C-Form - 1 x feed

Lighting Equipment

Fully digital lighting rig - CAT-5 controlled via ChamSys Magic Q Lighting Software

6 x Colour Changing Par Cans {Flown}

4 x Clay Paky Mini Scan HPE 300

2 x Colour Changing Par Cans {Side Fills}}

4 x Static Par Cans

4 x Intimidator 360 Degree Spots

1 x Chauvet Scorpion Lazer

1 x Chauvet Hurricane Haze 2D

1 x Chauvet Geyser Jr

Array of Lazers & Strobes

Audio Visual

1 x Projector {Optoma HD143X} HDMI cables with Mac & PC interfacings

1 x Hard Screen 4m x 2m {Flown}

2 x Desk-top Scroll-up screens 1m x 1m {Table top}

1 x Cloth Screen 5m x 3m

1 x Mac Book Pro

Further facilities available:

Green Room

Break-Out Rooms


Kitchen Facilities

Dining Room

Dressing Rooms

Courtyard - Seating / Heating / Marquees / Staging / Refridgeration / Lighting / Festoons / Lazers / Projections & Decor / Power & Water provision


Free Parking

Ground floor load-In


VIP Bar facilities

Box Office

Tressels / Benches / Chairs / Stools / Assorted tabling